Sunday, October 10, 2010

Preview for the whole of this semester

I think this semester is very busy than a last semester. The final exam will come soon. First paper is BEL 311 and I fell butterfly in my stomach. Hope I will get an excellent result for all paper and get a dean list same like previous semester.
In this entry I want to preview for the whole of this semester. At begin of this semester I just relax. Not a lot of work to do. Lecturer also just gives a few assignments.

But at the middle of the semester I get a lot of assignment from sir Ismail, Mrs. Rasyidah, Miss Ila, Sir Izuan and Mrs Diana.

What is interesting in this semester for subject BEL 311, we learn how to create a blog. Mr. Izuan will give a title every week and we must do the task. I think this entry is the last entry for this subject because our final exam will start soon. According to sir Izuan this blog is for our assignment. In class sir Izuan we use a lot of laptop or computer for our task. I like this way because it make our task look tide than we use hand writing. In Sir Izuan class also I learn to be a punctual, because sir Izuan is a person who strict about time.

In this semester our class has a one final project that we must do. This final project is in the subject of promotion product and services (IMD 202) teach by Mrs. Rasyidah. For our final project we must promote UITM and our Information Management Faculty to secondary school. It is not an easy project because we must deal with a school that we choose. We choose Sekolah Menengah Munsyi Ibrahim as our target audience. The project have done at 9 October 2010 and the project success according to our plan. A lot of money has used to make this project successful. Thanks to all who have been successful this project. I hope I will get ‘A’ for this subject.

Mrs. Diana has taught for subject IMD 255. In this subject I learn how the library organized. I know how the librarian work, is not easy as I think. The librarian must arrange a book by an ISBN number. It may take a long time to arrange the entire book that use by user.

For subject CTU 264 teach by Ustaz Saidin , I have learned how to manage information in reference to Islam. After I learned of this subject I know a variety of information commemorate information management in the past. Ustaz also have show our class a video about a Darwin’s theory that try to manipulate the human mind. We are so shock when know that all the century that we learned during the secondary school also theories Darwin. I must clean my mind and get right information.

For Mr. Ismail subject IMD 201, I have learned how to access information from a web and database. It so interesting. So I can know where I want to find information easier. In this subject sir Ismail give our class a lot of assignment. He gives a lot of assignment to know that we use the method that him teach.

PC maintenance subject teach by Miss Nuur Ila. This is very technical subject. We must know everything about a PC. We must remember almost the part in the PC. For example chipset, motherboard, power supply, unit system, monitor, audio system and everything about a PC. Sometime, I think this subject is very hard to understand but Miss Ila try to make a analogy to make sure the entire of my class understand.

The last subject is Badminton. Mr. Johari Is my coach, he is very kind person. Badminton is a co-curriculum subject. I enjoys with this semester co-curriculum it is difference from the previous semester. I attend all the class because in this class I can exercise by play badminton.

Monday, October 4, 2010

10 things that i hate the most


Reptiles are animals in the (Linnaean) class Reptilia. They are characterized by breathing air, laying tough-shelled amniotic eggs, and having skin covered in scales or scutes. Reptiles are classically viewed as having a "cold-blooded" metabolism. I very hate reptile because their skin always moist and some reptile educe mucus. The reptile that I very hate is frog and snack. Although, frog is in a small size but the physical appearance make a people ticklish with it. So, I prefer to make the mammals as my pet such as cat and hamster.

When do not have electric and water

Situation that I hate so much is when do not have a water and electric. When do not have water, I must lift water from outside the home for bathing, washing clothes and washing plate. It makes my body very tired. When do not have an electric I cannot do anything such as watching a television or surf Internet. When do not have an electric my family and I always hang out with my family.

Arrogant person

Arrogant person is a type of person that I dislike very much. They think they are the best. They also like to pretend and pointed off. When they do not know anything they do not like to ask that person around them, they like silence like they know everything.


I hate myself when I sick. When I sick I always inconvenience others. Especially my mom when I at home, when I sick I like to complained of pain. I also need to take medicine. I hate medicine because it is very bitter.

Wake me up roughly

I very hate when someone wake up me roughly. It can make me shock and my head will dizzy.

Kiwi fruit

Kiwifruit is one of fruit that I dislike. Although the appearance very nice but for me it have a bad taste. I do not know why. The whole of my family like to eat kiwi fruit exclude me.

Do not like forced

I also hate when someone forced me to do something. When I do the work when forced by someone the work will not be. So, what I do just futile.

Do not like write

I actually do not like to write because my writing is not beautiful and tidy. So I prefer to type my notes on the computer than writing. Type a note at computer, more faster and tidy.

Dirty place

I really hate the dusty place. I have a disease that called sinus. Sinuses are air filled cavities in the skull covered by a membrane. This membrane spends a little dilution to trap dirt and moisture at nasal cavity. I realize that I have a sinus at a primary school. My eyes always itch and I also sneeze when exposed to dust.

Do not like when my palm hand moist

I do not know why, my palm hand always moist. Several people say that who has a moist palm hand, the people has problems with their lung and heart. But I do not think so. My palm hand moist may be because of the weather. I feel embarrassed if want to shake hands. I always bring a tissue to make sure my hand dry.