Friday, July 23, 2010

My subject for this semester

My first class is IMD 201, Access to Information Subject and has 3 credit hour. Before i enter the class I already know my lecture. My IMD 201 lecturer is En Ismail b. Pahmi, I already know him before because last semester, he taught me in IMD 153 subject. So, my classmate and I familiar with him. He also, already knows us all, so, does not have a problem to start the class. I very shock because in the first class we all get first assignment got an assignment, but I don’t mind course I want to get A in this subject. In my opinion, this subject is very important, because we know how to access the information, how to find it, when to use it. So, as an informational all that skill is very important and it is useful for me also, I can get any information easier.
Assessment ( IMD201)
Course work – 40%
Final Exam- 60%

Second class I attend is IMD 203 class.IMD 203 is stands for Support Services and Maintenance Pc, this subject have three credit hour. Last semester some of the lecture told our class that one of my friends has a same face with our lecturer in our faculty. The lecturer is Miss Nuur Ila, so, I’m very excited to see her. It is his face is really same with my friend? Suddenly, Miss Nuur Ila entered our class. She goes straight to the white board and writes her name, phone number, and her room number, without saying anything. My first impression to her is, she is not friendly person and violent in temper at the same time I think about my next class,, huhhh,, very scary, but a few minute later, she start talking, we start with briefing and I feel very enjoy with the class, think positive with the person is need, in this class I will learn about a personal computer (PC) maintenance. This course does not have a final paper. So, all my result is in the course work .This class is very fun because I need to operate the pc and learn what have in the unit system. Very fun because I need to operate the pc and learn what have in the unit system. This course does not have a final paper. So, all my result is in my course work.

The first class in second day is BEL 311 it stands for English for academic purpose and this subject has 3 credit hour. . I feel very nervous with this subject because my last semester performance in this subject is not well. So, I must to improve it to get a great result. My lecturer bell 311 is Sir Mohd Izuan bin ismail. I look sir Izuan is very strict person. It just my first impression. In the next and next class class it will be chance. In my opinion this subject is very important because, nowadays, English have use as an International language and when we can practically speak with the people around us, even thought she or he is foreigner. I hope I can improve my English better and better than the last semester and get a great result.
Assessment (BEL 311)
Writing assignment – 30%
Speaking test – 20%
Attendance – 10%
Final Exam – 40 %

Madam Rasyidah is very familiar lecture among our classmate. She also have taught our class last semester, same like sir Ismail,, this semester she teach IMD 202 subject, it stand for Promotion of information products and services and have 3 credit hour .So we already know her behavior. Madam Rasyidah is very kind person but her very strict about task and assignment. I got an excellent result for last semester result that has been taught with Madam Rasyidah. I hope I can get the dame result or more excellent in this subject. This subject it’s about how to make a promotion. What is make this subject fun is when we need to create a new product and promote it, from that make a promotion is no easy because its need a lot of communication skill.
Assessment (IMD 202)
Course work – 40%
Final exam – 60%

Next is a subject IMD 255, lecturer of this subject is Madam Diana. IMD 255 stand for Technical support and service information, this subject have 3 credit hour. Before that I just heard her name, her name is so familiar among the information management society. The first class with Madam Diana is at BK, the new one building. BK is very far from our college, when we all arrived at BK 15 minute before class start, Madam Diana still taught her student. 10 minute later their student exit from that class and the guy from that class say that they got a first assignment. Oh My God. Hope this lecturer not so strict. We all enter the class and take a seat. Madam Diana smile and we all start the class with the syllabus that we will learn in this semester. Before the class finished Madam Diana give a title for the first assignment. She give a title early because she want we all find any information about that assignment. Actually, Madam Diana is a very sweet person and not so strict. I hope I will success for this class.
Assessment (IMD255)
Test – 10%
Library Visit – 5%
Quiz – 5%
Final project – 20%
Final Exam – 50%

For the CTU 264, the lecture for this subject will take by Ustaz saidin bin Wan Ismail. CTU 264 stand for “Pengurusan ilmu Islam” and have 2 credit hour. Before this my exroommate that have been taught by Ustaz Saidin, deferred from my exroommate, ustaz saidin is a cool person. When I in the first day with Ustaz Saidin , I remember what my exroommate told, he is exactly a cool person and handsome. In the first class, ustaz Saidin just give a syllabus and group for a presentation.
Assessment (CTU 264)
Course work – 40%
Final exam – 60%

This semester, my Ko-Kurikulum is very different with semester 1 and semester 2. This semester I make a decision to register in Badminton club. For the first week we just have a registration. My coach name En Juhairi, he is very kind person and always smile to her student. I’m ready for play badminton because badminton is one of my favorite sports.

That’s all about my new semester beginning.

A new semester begin

Owhh.. New semester has begins. I’m very glad to see my roommate, my friend wing and also my classmates. But unfortunately, before I go to UiTM Segamat, i got a call from my previous roommate. She told that she got a new room, it's mean I have a new roommate. When I arrived at "KOLEJ ZAMRUD" I go to the registration .After register my family help me to pick up my beg go to my room, at same time I feel nervous. I think about my roommate, hope she is a nice person. When I entered my room my roommates welcome me. I’m very happy, she is nice person and cute. After placing all the bags in the room. I go down again, my father n my mother gave some advice to learn the hard and get better results at this semester .My family is ready to go home, the journey from Segamat go back to Pahang take 3 hours. Actually I’m very excited to start my new semester. Now I’m in semester 3. I’m in a new semester, new lecture, new subject and I must have a new spirit.