Sunday, August 8, 2010

My roomate

Before this, I have post about my new semester begin, my subject in this semester and I being as a senior. Now, I want to story about my beloved roommate. Actually, I’m very lucky person cause get a room at a front block and the rooms just accommodate two people only in one room. This room is very comfortable and I have accommodate here since in part one. I really hope that in a part 4 I will get this room.

Umi Sharmin binti Azmi

Now I want to start my story about my roommate. My roommate name is Umi Sharmin binti Azmi. She is Diploma in Business study and 18 years old. She lived at Batu Pahat, Johor and was born in 31.May.1992 at Hospital, Batu Pahat. Umi parents are Latifah binti Ramli and Azmi Kemat and she is a third child from 7 sibling. Umi really like to eat chicken rice and tea ice. Every evening she makes a hot tea to me as a hi-tea.

umi's sibling

Everyone have a ambition, not miss umi sharmin, she want to be a great businesswoman and she want to open a chicken rice restaurant. When have a free time, umi like to serve internet and get news from the internet. Before she take a offer here, she was school a SMK Dato’ Onn and get 5A, 2B and 2C and 1D in SPM.
Umi Sharmin is very polite person, she will greet before going to the class. We always share anything, like food, funny story and so on. When tension she like to listen music from DACAB band and I also enjoy with the song from that band.

Lastly, I very thankful cause get Umi Sharmin as my roommate. Roommate become a problem when not comfortable with them.

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