Tuesday, September 28, 2010

10 facts about me

1.1: My Latest Spectacle

short- sightness

When I 9 years old I get a bad fever. The effect of the bad fever is I get short- sightness. My parent brings me to the spectacles shop and that is a first time I test my eye. The shopkeeper said my power for spectacles is 170. Since I 9 years old until now I have seven times change my spectacles. I change my spectacles because power of my spectacles increase and I have broke my spectacle also in a few times. I hope power of my spectacles not increase yet because I think when this power increase and increase I cannot see anything without my spectacles in a far distance.

Easy to sleep

I am very easy to sleep especially when I in car. So, because of my bad habit I did not know so much about way to my destination. At another place also I can sleep very easy. I did not care much about the surrounding when I sleepy.

Ticklish with frog

I am very ticklish with frog, maybe because of its appearances. It has a moist body and rough surface at the back. I start ticklish with frog since I in primary school. I go to school with a little frog in my shoes. When I arrive at school, I feel not comfortable, and then I put out my shoes. I see a frog stomach wrecked and it mucus make my sock dirty.

1.2: some of my collection

Like with orange color so much

Since I was child I like orange color so much. Orange is one of a bright color beside yellow, bright green and sky blue. I like orange color so much because that color can make our surrounding cheerful. Since I am in secondary school I like to collect all things that in orange color. For example, file, pen drive, Music CD, pencil case, key chain, bottles, hair clip and veil. My room now also in orange color with a nice flower sticker.

One of my eye open when I sleep

One of my eye open when I sleep. It is not a habit but it is a fact about me. I don’t know why my eye opens when I sleep. I think it is because my eye sheath. My eye has a difference sheath. My right eye has a fold eye sheath while my left eye dose not folds. So, I think that way my left eye open when I sleep.

Do not like go to clinic and hospital.

I do not like go to the clinic or hospital because I scare with an injection. During I 9 years old, I get a bad fever. Because of the fever I must stay at hospital almost in a one week. The doctor inject me in a many time because to avoid me got a infection and doctor also inject my hand to allow water entering my body to make my body temperature nature.

1.3: sport shoes that i alway use to do an activity

Like adventure activity

I really like with an adventure activity. When I got an offer from “PLKN” I was very excited. When I at “PLKN” I do a lot of adventure activity such as abseiling, jungle tracking, flying fox, canoe and crossing river by a bamboo raft. A latest activity I do is at “Taman Negara” my relative and I cross a river by a fast boat. It is so adventure and after that we climb a lot of stairs and cross bridge there.

Do not really know about cooking

Do not really know about cooking. It’s sound so bad for teenager at 19 years old. When I 15 and 16 years old I study at Kemaman and it is far from my home. So I stay at a hostel school and rarely back to my home. At hostel we just eat, all breakfast, lunch, hi-tea and dinner prepared by a worker at the eating hall. And after finished form 5, I get an offer go to “PLKN” and after I back to “PLKN” I got offer to continue my study at UITM Segamat. So, I did not have a time to learn cooking. But now, when have a semester break, I try to learn some dishes and I hope one time I can prepared a food for my family.

Speak when I sleep.

My friend tells that I always speak when I sleep. I know about it when I secondary school. My roommate tells me that I always speak when sleep and make her so scary. But a month with me, she does not care because it is being normally. What I speak when I sleep its same thing with what I think before I sleep. So to prevent it, I must clear my mind before I got to the bad.

Like to comb my hair before sleep

It is my habit before I sleep, I will make sure my hair tidy. I am comfortable when I free my hair and free hair from a binding may avoid my hair damage.

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