Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Classmate

I stay in ISE1 class since part 1, same with my classmate. My classmate do not change since part 1. I do not to change to another class because I feel very comfortable with this class. In ISD3E1 class have 7 boys and 23 girls. Let me introduce my entire friend.

Anisawati binti animinuddin

Anisawati or “Ponti” is our class rap for this semester. Anisah is a very cute person. She can handle a class, even she is a girl. So if I have a chance, I want to vote anisa for the class rap next semester.

Siti Nuraisyah binti Ismail

Our classmates call her siti but I call her along, she is my best friend since I start study here. We like a sibling and we take a same class every semester, she is a very nice person. She also very generous person, she likes to share whatever she has with me and also with another person.

Siti Solehah Mohamad

Siti solehah or Leha and some of my classmate call her “Socso”, I don’t know where they get that name. I start close with Leha since this semester. Because this semester, she get room at the same level with me. Leha is a friendly person. When I walk with her, many people greet and call her name.

Nurul Iza binti Hadi

Iza is a very cute person and her voice is also cute, like a kids. Iza like to pinch my cheeks and my arm. She has a nice skin and she like to praise other person include me.

Siti nur zahara bt Abdullah

At a semester 1, of my view, zara is a little chubby. But now, she slim. She controls their eating and just eats a nutritious food. She also advised me to get a beautiful body I should take care of my diet.

Diana Izni Binti Che Yahya

At my first side, Diana is an arrogant person. But when I know her more closely, I know I’m wrong. She is very nice person. She can speak English very well.

Ain Diyana binti Mohammad Hassan

Ain diayana or ain. She is very nice person and likes to smile. I be friend with her since part one and I can see, she can be a leader. Last semester she is our assistant class rap and she does the job very well.

Siti Nuraisah Binti Che Hamid

Sha is not an arrogant person. She always asked her friend when she do not know about something. She like to makeup her eye with eye liner, when she do not use eye liner her face looks so pale. She has a white and nice skin.

Nur Nadirah Binti Ismail

On my eye nad is a nerd person. She did not like to talk so much and just talk when need. At a first time I know her, I think she is not a friendly person. But when 3 semesters with her, I know she is not like that.

Shabirrul Ain Binti Ramli

Shabi is one person that always in my group when have a group assignment. She is very silent, but very intelligent. I always ask her to recheck my assignment because her grammar is good than me. Shabi has a very cute face. She asked me how to look like matured, because she feels like a kids. I just laugh because I don’t know what to say.

Amira binti mohamad nor

Mira is a very small and cute person. She likes to smile to everyone. I feel comfortable with her. She can give an opinion and she also can listen to another opinion. She is also easy to work with everyone.

Nur Hazwani binti Mohammad Arif

Hazwani or Wawa. She is very serious in what her do. That’s why she was appointed as secretary in our faculty club. She is not talkative person in our class and do her work in a silent.

Nurfatin Afiqah binti Mohd Noor Boo

Fatin or afi is also same like Wawa. She is not talkative person in our class and do her work in a silent. I like be friend with her. We in a same course for co-curriculum since part 1.

Norshafiqah binti Norisham

On my eye, iqa is a very sensitive person. she also admit that she is a very sensitive. So, to be a nice friend with her, I must speak very carefully, to make sure I’m not making her offended. Iqa is one of AJK in our faculty club.

Nor Hafizah Binti Samsudin

My classmate calls her Apiz. She is the daughter of a policeman. She is not to tall and she always like laugh with a loud. She make our class cheerful.

Nor Asma binti Azan

Asmah or Acu. Acu do not like her friend call her Asma. She asked all her friend to call her Acu, I think she does not like her real name. Acu is also very good in English and can be a good and very caring friend.

Nabihah Binti Zakaria

Nabihah, some person in our class call her Mei ling. May be because her face. She like a Chinese and went he were a scarf she like a “mualaf”. My lecture miss Nuur Ila also say like that. Nabihah is a debater UITM Segamat.

Muhammad Faizzul bin Aziz @ Magis

Faizzul. He has a unique nick name “ Perot”. He gets that name from their resident of “Sempana Riau” maybe he gets the name because he has a big stomach. Perot is kind person, he always give a Cupon activity to all member of my class.

Ersyazuddin bin Budaim

Ersyad or Mabat. He is always cool in front of my classmate. Ersyad is our first class rap and now he is our vise president for a club faculty.

Mohd Zulkarnain bin Zakaria

Zul is very kind and truthful person. He will advice that person if he think that person wrong. I like her style, but sometimes it can make a person that him advice offended.

Mohd Nur Arif bin Saini

Arif or tutu. He has a loud voice. When he gives voice everyone will pay attention. Arif can be a good leader. He also can be a good designer, he is very creative. Arif know about computer so much.

Muhammad Hadzriq bin mohd Hedir

Hadzriq, Bub or Hulk is a same person. Hadzriq has a big body. At a first time I see her I feel afraid to be friend with her. But after I know him, he is a kind person, he like a brother in my class. He also can be a good salesman and he can influence the customer to buy the product.

Ahmad Qayyum bin Abd. Razak

Qayum or musign. Qayum face like a mixed blood. My previous lecture sir Rajent call him “ Italian boy”. Qayum is a silent person in our class but he always smile to everyone and we can see him braces.

Mohd Naqib Bin Nordin

At her college her friend calls her Balu. Naqib is a happy go lucky friend. He always smiles and likes to make him friend laugh. When I look Naqib, I can feel that he do not have a problem. Eventhough he not focus in class, when the end of the semester, he get an excellent result.

Nuswatun Hasanan bt jaafar

Nus, her face, her style is very matured. Naughty boy in my class call her “guru besar”. Nus is a “JPK” college for sector B. She always tired because she has a lot of work to do.

Nurul Fashiehah Bt Mohamad Jasin

Cheah is a simple person. I like with her style, she have their own style even her style is simple but it nice. Cheah is a hardworking person and she try to improve herself.

Ku Norazila Bt Ku Ahmad

Ku or Kuchek. She is a beautiful girl in my class. She has a beautiful face, white skin and nice eye. She likes to capture picture. I like to see their behavior. She very panic when have someone call her name.

Nur Amirah Binti Aminuddin

Mia is a nickname for Nur Amirah. Mia is a quiet person in my class but she has a good opinion when we need an idea. She is very nice and cute person.

Nur Shahierah Nabila bt Rahim

Shiera is a silent person in our class. At a first time I know her is in our orientation. I feel sorry with her when I saw she cries. She tell that she miss her mother and miss her late father. Shiera is very different person when in a class and outside. In a class she is a silent person but outside she talkative and like to share their story with everyone.

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